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Friday, June 3, 2011

Meet Flint, Lilly and Switchblade- The Quadrupeds

Thank-you to all who shared our blog yesterday and especially to those of you who decided to follow us!  We are glad to have you here with us!

This is our new Collie pup, Flint Eastwood! We got him back in January from Liz Tilton's Symphony Kennels and he's been a perfect addition to our family, and is proving quite capable of making friends with just about anything alive!  We love this little guy! We love shelter pups too, but Flint was destined to be the BDOC (Big Dog On Campus) at Bluebird.  Liz is a top notch breeder, and if you have young children, other pets, or even older folks who appreciate a gentle and beautiful dog who still has enough backbone to take to a hike in the woods or play frisbee until your arm drops off, a Collie just might be for you!  Visit Symphony Kennels

Flint and Lilly, our 6 year old Maltese-Poodle.  She's a wonderful and tolerant big sister, even if it did take her a little while to warm up to our own not so little Dennis the Menace.

Switchblade is our Orange Tabby, rescued from the Renton Veterinary Hospital by way of Maple Valley through a funny coincidence of timing on our part that had Nicole scrambling to get her Kitty before he was snatched up by someone else!  Swtich-man, Switch-Ball, Switcher, whatever you want to call him, he's one loveable feller and lives side by side with the dogs (and Chickens!) in perfect harmony.

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