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Friday, June 17, 2011

Bluebirds at Large

Petunia and I are leaving the homestead in the capable hands of friends for a few days for a motorcycle road trip to Southern Oregon to join our family for a short vacation! We'll be in beautiful Sunriver, not far from Bend.

You'll remember my friend Dan Kelley, who kindly shared his morel mushrooms with us earlier this month. Well, upon hearing of our planned adventure, and where we would be traveling Dan was excited for us and slightly envious, as he confided to me that we would be traveling through and indeed, staying right in the middle of prime Boletus Rex-Veris (aka porcini mushroom!) territory! Together we looked at our planned route, over Snoqualmie Pass, east of the Cascades, then southward on scenic highways skirting the western slopes of the mountains all the way to Sunriver. Dan says we are to look at elevation ~4000ft plus or minus 500. There's a few more details to remember, among them that you need to look in a heavily wooded area, and that they grow only under "True Firs". some details about them:
(excerpt from Wikipedia article on Boletus Rex-Veris below)
Boletus rex-veris, commonly known as the spring king bolete, is a basidiomycete fungus of the genus Boletus found in western North America. The large, edible fruiting bodies known as mushrooms appear under pine trees, generally in May to June. It has a pinkish to brownish cap and its stem is often large and swollen, and the overall colour may have an orange-red tinge. As with other boletes, the size of the fruiting body is variable. Boletus rex-veris is edible, and may be preserved and cooked.

Anyway, our plan is to hunt these prized fungi during most of our trip, and we will try our best to document the mission as we go. If we meet with success, we can look forward to another mushroom dish related blog post soon too! Wish us luck.
With Flint and Lilly safely boarded with friends and family, and our friend Alex coming to care for the flock and bunnies, (not to mention Switchblade and the aquarium denizens), we are finally ready to head out on the open road for a few days, combining two passions. Those being a love for two wheeled adventure, and an opportunity to connect with the beautiful Pacific Northwest forests while seeking out a share of nature's bounty.

For a really cool look at these mushrooms being harvested, watch the YouTube video below.

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