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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fall season update Pics

Fall season update-  Sadly, Peggy the giant bunny can easily surmount our little fence and has raided the fall planting of lettuces and baby Bok Choy more than once already, putting some of them at a severe disadvantage. I'm not sure if they will all pull through or if Peggers won't get them all before I kick her butt out of the garden.   We'll post pics of the fall planting including bunny damage soon.  Pics include shots of a soup made from the Delicata squash and Basil from the yard, homemade pesto, and Fried Green Tomatoes, which were de-lish!  Though we didn't grow them, Nicole and here Dad Phil made tons of awesome homemade "Cold Packed" Dill Pickles.  Yum!

My next projects on deck are revamping our composting system, and setting up the rainwater barrel.. I also made a firewood bin for our winter wood supply and will post some pics of that soon..