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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Bluebird Farmscapes RELOADED

Hey all, we are re-launching the Bluebird Farmscapes Blog and going to make an effort to put a little new content on here weekly, at least.  Nothing long, or too fancy, and we will try to keep things light and easy, so you can stop by, check in on the Bluebird Menagerie, and get on with your busy and important lives.  We hope you'll follow our blog and the adventures of our beautiful Chickens, friendly Bunny Rabbits, Swtichblade the Tabby Cat, and Flint and Lilly, the supervisors of the Bluebird Flock.

We'll share pics, videos, and short stories about the above named stars of the show, the produce of our Organic Garden and recipes cooked with the same. Friends will also see some of Nicole's (hereafter known by her Farm Name, Petunia) amazing craft projects, and whatever else we find that we feel may educate or entertain other new Urban Homesteaders like us!  We welcome your emails, comments, smoke signals, telepathic messages, and astral projections with suggestions for recipes to try, projects to tackle, resources (articles, blogs, films, podcasts, forums, etc.) to know about- anything!  We'd love to get your help in keeping fresh content coming for the blog.  After all, Bluebird Farmscapes is not just Nicole and I and our little army of animal pals- it's all of you who share it with us!  That's the part that makes what is already pretty cool and fun, into something really special. 

(Click on image for full pic!)
 Above, Lilly sitting for the spring chickens on one of their first outings.  These loveable little guys have already adopted the adult flock and are happily finding their place in the group.  They are a happy little foursome, seemingly fearless, who interact with absolutely everyone with a friendly curiosity that you can't help but love to watch.  

 The chicks have no fear of the dogs or Switchblade (kitty), despite his "assistance" with the hatching. (Story to follow!)
 A rare sunnny spring afternoon here in Seattle, perfect for a first outing to the yard.

Are you lookin' at me?  (couldn't resist, sorry!)

Welcome back to Bluebird Farmscapes!

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