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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Eggplant update and other produce from the garden

So while there are tons more pics from various stages of this summers construction of both animal habitats and the garden, I won't be getting into sitting down and going through them all in an organized fashion for a few more weeks yet. Once the weather deserts us for the year and I am trapped inside I think that task will appeal a lot more. For now however, I wanted to post a few more pics of the produce from the garden. The Bun-galow is interfering with afternoon sunlight on the tomato plants, slowing down the ripening of the front and rearmost plants in particular. Somehow despite this we continue to get lots of great tomatoes off all three plants, particularly the middle one! I harvested 5 beautiful palm sized fruits today, and if the warm weather predicted for the next ten days holds to it's promise, we will certainly get a few more of the dozens of of fat but green fruits still on the vine.

One of our two pumpkins vines died, though the pumpkin itself looks great, albeit smaller than i had hoped we could grow it before harvesting. Nevertheless I am proud of my very first pumpkin and look forward to carving it soon and making pumpkin seeds with its guts.

Also sad, our green peppers seem to have had a hard time taking off and also have some kind of blight/vitamin deficiency that is inhibiting healthy growth. These were a very late starter for us having picked them up on sale at the local nursery for a late summer planting. I also don't weed AT ALL, and did a shoddy job mulching and I'm sure that the interlopers are taking some of the resources out of the soil. This is the biggest reason that next year the entire garden will be converted to raised bed planting boxes with weed cloth floors. I'm looking forward to building the boxes slowly over the winter after I harvest the entire garden and compost the skeletons of the plants.

Now the peppers of all other kinds seem to have had no problems at all producing prolific fruit and I am starting to wonder what we will do with them all since most of them are insanely volcanically (is that even a word?) HOT! We have Super Chilis, Red Dragons, and Hot Lemon Peppers.The eggplants continue to grow and are starting to look like they will be pretty decent sized if they have the time to get there before the growing season ends..

I am having trouble figuring out how exactly to format my posts here so that the photos show up where I want them in my posts. Bear with me while I learn how to work this blog, please!

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